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cover art 

As a bibliophile and a Graphic Designer I've combined my avid love for reading and art together.

I've designed covers for Fiction and Non-Fiction, for Fantasy and Action! I love being giving the chance to help make a story shine through not just with words but with images.

Some of these covers we're created as Pre-mades and some are client works that we're fabulous fun to make. I hope you enjoy them all and take a look at the books! 

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Sequential Art

Comics and storytelling are my life's love, there's something magical to creating a story that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.


This portfolio was created for the Savannah College of Art & Design Sequential Art Departments Editor's Day 2021. It garnered attention from Dark Horse, Tapas, and Oni Press/Lion Forge Comics.

The story behind the short 4-page comic came from a few Instagram sketches I made a couple years prior. A Duchess Demoness, lonely in her library tower who becomes intrigued and eventually in love with a handsome Swordsman. In this iteration her castle is being raided by an angry mob of villagers and our Swordsman must race to save her.


Pharmaceutical Illustration

This portfolio is two-fold; yes, it shows that I can create illustrations for the Healthcare Industry, but it's more meant to show how important certain aspects of medicine are to me.


The first portfolio piece is all about Self Advocacy in Healthcare. Advocating for yourself is in sorely lacking in medical fields recently. As a woman, it is common to be told that our pains are unimportant and get pushed to the side. This brochure design is meant to bring it into conversations.


My other portfolios will showcase Gall Bladder symptoms leading to a removal procedure and Cervical Spine Displacement.

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Surface Design

Surface Design is an extremely fun and exciting area of design.


I loved creating a portfolio with a theme of Deadly and Adorable Designs for a younger female audience. Each piece is meant to highlight how young women can be cute and have an edge. Most fashion geared towards the young female age ranging from 10-25 have a softer message. The goal of these is to bring that edge into place while allowing an expression of gentleness.

The thought in my mind was, "What would I have wanted to buy when I was growing up but just didn't exist yet?"

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Each of these illustrations is meant to remind my viewers of a sensation or moment in their life.

This galaxy piece in particular is a self-portrait meant to evoke the feeling artists get when they dive into creating. We float, we fly, we speed through our ideas in a space that's nearly indescribable. From this galaxy of ideas we make things that boggle the mind and inspire our audiences.

While some illustrations in this portfolio are more fun and others more serious, they all serve a purpose in presenting my art as a whole.